Hoodia Supplements


In the United States, Hoodia is relatively new. It has only been discovered and explored a few years ago in the West, whereas the Bushmen tribe of South Africa has used it for many centuries. Hoodia earned its popularity because of P57, one of the components found in the cactus-like plant that is said to have the ability to suppress a person’s thirst and appetite. Because weight loss is something that most people desire, there are now several Hoodia supplements out on the market these days.

Herbal and all other dietary supplements in the United States are controlled and regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. They are considered as foods; thus, they are not required to meet the standards that drugs and OTC drugs need to satisfy as proofs of effectiveness, safety, and good manufacturing practices. People who are interested to use Hoodia supplements should know that, to this date, there are no published studies demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of the said plant for weight loss and any other purposes.

Because of this, it is important to exercise precautionary measures before purchasing Hoodia supplements. People who have liver or kidney failure are advised to refrain from buying weight loss supplements containing ingredients that have not been scientifically tested as to their effectiveness and safety, including those that use Hoodia; drugs and herbs are cleared from the body through the liver and kidney, so any failure in said organs may result in adverse effects. It is also important to read labels. Not all labels reflect what the products really contain. In fact, some herbal supplements have been recorded to be contaminated with metals and prescription drugs, a dangerous combination.