Hoodia Liquid Extract


Hoodia is perhaps one of the most popular herbs in the planet today. The plant has been heavily marketed as a great alternative to harmful drugs and chemicals in achieving weight loss. It is said to contain an active agent called P57 that has the power to suppress a person’s appetite, as well as his or her thirst, allowing him or her to shed off those extra pounds. What people don’t know is that in order to avail of Hoodia’s appetite suppressant properties, the Hoodia liquid extract must first be retrieved from the plant; it is not advisable to simply harvest the plant and eat it.

The Bushmen, a tribe living in South Africa where Hoodia abundantly grows in deserts, has used Hoodia for centuries to help them finish long hunting trips, thanks to the plant’s supposed appetite suppressant properties. Today, the demand for Hoodia products has grown significantly, causing the plant to become in serious danger of extinction. This is why the harvest of Hoodia is now regulated by conservation laws. Upon harvesting the plant, dried extracts of Hoodia roots and stems are then used to make powders, capsules, and chewable tablets. But many manufacturers choose to get the Hoodia liquid extract, which is more potent and can purportedly enhance weight loss better. The liquid extract of Hoodia is often used in teas, together with other ingredients. Several news reports reveal that Hoodia products on the market generally contain other herbs or minerals, such as chromium picolinate and green tea.

The safety and effectiveness of Hoodia, including the Hoodia liquid extract, has yet to be proven. Interested parties are advised to seek the opinion of a healthcare professional before making any purchase of Hoodia products.