Whar are Hoodia Gordonii Side Effects?


Hoodia, whose Latin name is Hoodia gordonii, is a flowering plant that looks like the common cactus. It is native to many deserts in the south of Africa, particularly the Namib Desert and the Kalahari Desert. Because of its sudden popularity in recent years as a natural ingredient for the promotion of weight loss, the harvest of Hoodia is heavily protected by conservation laws today. But while the plant is highly popular in the diet industry, the truth is that its true effectiveness and safety have yet to be proven by scientific studies. Before taking a weight loss supplement that contains the said plant, it is important to find out the known hoodia gordonii side effects.

To this date, Hoodia’s real medicinal value has yet to be established. This means that weight loss supplements containing Hoodia have not been fully studied, contrary to what they generally claim. Further studies have yet to be made to clear the plant’s potential risks, compatibility with other drugs and supplements, and results. This means that the side effects of Hoodia have yet to be learned. Some users have expressed satisfaction over the Hoodia weight loss supplement of their choice; some, on the other hand, have expressed frustration and disappointment. Recorded side effects include episodes of migraines and fatigue. However, these side effects have not been officially attributed to Hoodia by any medical research group.

Because hoodia gordonii side effects are virtually unknown as of the moment, those who plan to take weight loss supplements containing Hoodia are advised, as a precautionary measure, to consult their doctor and reveal any complementary and alternative practices they are using or wish to use. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry and prevention is better than cure.