Hoodia 60 Minutes


Did you know that more than $40 billion are spent every year on products created and marketed to help people lose their excess pounds and finally slim down? What’s sad is that most of these products do not work at all and are mere inventions of advertising machineries. Still, people don’t seem to learn their lesson. They continue to check out every weight loss supplement introduced, including those that contain Hoodia, a cactus-like plant known to suppress appetite and thirst. This article provides Hoodia 60 Minutes fast facts.

According to Hoodia 60 Minutes, a news segment dedicated to finding out the truth about Hoodia, Hoodia is a flowering plant that is very hard to find. This is because it only grows in South Africa, particularly in the deserts of Kalahari. Hoodia is said to be bitter-tasting, but it has been used for many years now by the Bushmen, a tribe living in the said desert (and which was featured in the hit film, “The Gods Must be Crazy”), whenever long travels or hunts are to be made. What Hoodia does to make the harsh journeys bearable is send out signals to the brain. These signals tell the brain that it is full even though the body has not taken anything to eat or drink in hours or days.

Because of the revolutionary weight loss strategy that Hoodia presents, the plant has earned the attention of both the medical and the scientific communities and, of course, the media. Hoodia 60 Minutes, for one, has undertaken several interviews to investigate the true potential of Hoodia in bringing about weight loss. To this day, however, scientific studies finally establishing the safety and effectiveness of Hoodia for weight loss purposes have yet to be performed.