The Best Hoodia Products


Today, many people are wondering what the best Hoodia product is. This is because there are a vast number of products containing Hoodia out on the market claiming to be the best as far as weight loss supplements are concerned. While the claims made by such products can indeed be very tempting, the truth is that it is still too early to say which among them truly is the best weight loss product containing Hoodia. The reason for this is the lack of scientific basis, manifested by research and studies that can back all the claims regarding the safety and effectiveness of Hoodia.

Hoodia is a flowering, succulent plant that grows in the deserts of South Africa. The Bushmen tribe, which lives in the region, has long used the plant to keep themselves from feeling thirsty and hungry when they go out on long hunting trips. The West has only just discovered Hoodia, but the plant is currently revolutionizing the American diet industry even without any solid scientific proof of its safety and effectiveness. When people heard about Hoodia, the demand for weight loss supplements containing it rose significantly in just a few years’ time. Thus, the quest for the best Hoodia product continues.

Manufacturers of Hoodia weight loss supplements, such as Phytopharm and Phizer, have cited studies determining the safety and effectiveness of Hoodia on certain volunteers. However, these studies do not appear in any peer-reviewed scientific or medical journal; thus, the results cannot be rendered credible. The Food and Drugs Administration or FDA gave manufacturers of Hoodia products a warning regarding making claims about their product’s safety and effectiveness for everyone. Today, Unique Hoodia is considered by many as the best Hoodia product out there.